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  • Handling a received lead in the shortest possible time is the key to crack a deal.
  • Lead management integrates your IndiaMart lead in the shortest time.
  • The Lead distribution system will auto distributes among your executives.
  • Follow-up management will keep track of conversations and files per lead.
  • Contact management will help to organize lead contacts.
  • Manual lead insertion will help to manage offline leads.
  • Role-based user management.
Data analysis

Business Insights That You Look For

Extract reports by applying all sort filtering, Searching and sorting on any number of lead attributes. This way you will be getting exactly what you are looking for!

Our data analysis will bring on useful lead attributes upfront for better lead management.

Lead Management

Don't Miss Your Lead Even By Mistake

Our Fault tolerance system will notify you if something goes wrong with your B2B platform configuration. This will save your time to raise a support ticket and get it resolved. This feature will save your lead from being attended by your competitor.

Follow-up Management

Simplicity is our key and that is getting reflected in our CRM. Experience it!

Access contact details and follow up with leads all in the same place. You can categorize your leads that really matters.

Follow up all the leads and never miss your important one ever. All important marked follow-ups will be stacked up. Best Lead Injection time - which is the crucial factor to break the deal!

The system will track the efforts spent on a particular lead this will help you to monitor the performance of executives in the future.

Automatic Lead Distribution will keep you relieved from the task of lead assignment.

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Neuro CRM In Timeline

Lead Management

Handling a received lead in the shortest possible time is the key to crack a deal. Lead management integrates your India Mart lead in the shortest time to take further action. The lead distribution system will auto distributes among your executives.

Quotation Management

The client can generate multiple quotations per lead generated. The quotation and product management module work together to keep track of products in the quote. The client can draw business insights through multiple reports. Best in class single click quotation generation.

Invoice Management

Invoice management involves the handling of incoming invoices. These will provide ease in GST filling, Input Credit covered under GST Act. Invoices will be managed in a categorized way to help your auditor to audit with ease.

Product Management

After all, it's all about your product. Your business success story is going to be decided by how you manage your products and extract insights out of them. Here are Product management module comes into the picture.

Major B2B Platform Integration

Do not miss even a half lead from your B2B platform. Major B2B platforms will be covered to capture your business leads as early as possible in our system. Centrally controlled system to manage leads from all sources even manual leads. Cutting-edge technology to extract insights to keep you ahead of the market. Zero Lead leakage and faster lead conversion.

Complete Suite

One-Stop Solution for all your business functioning will be coming soon, from Lead Management to Employee Performance Management.